About Us

The Downriver Foster closet right now collects donations for gently used children’s clothing and items they would need daily for children that are in the foster care system. We provide all downriver foster families with items they may need for a placement. Most of the kids that come into care come with nothing or very little. Right now, we are a new non-profit just starting out, our future goal is to have our own store front. The goal would be to have a nice store that the kids felt welcome and safe, we see our storefront having a nice play area for families that have more than one kid and while looking for clothes the kids can play. We also would like to hold weekly classes for foster parents to help with their kid’s hair care, or support groups. We also would love to give a few foster kids downriver a scholarship to help them with school or grants we can give to families who have kids who want to be involved in sports and they may not be able to pay out of pocket for it. We currently are two foster care parents that both work full time and are looking to make a bigger difference in these kids lives. Every kid has their own story and where here to help share that story and help make a difference. volunteer clip art.